The Meridian Monarch UHD is a two part system featuring an exclusive 20-inch mobile tablet “operators console” and a separate “acquisition console” which offers an impressive 3840 x 2560 display resolution; which is a factor of four over that of typical acquisition stations. With its advanced software, it displays images at speeds twice as fast as most other workstations. The mobile tablet is built for medical applications and as such meets the stringent requirements of toughness, reliability, exposure, and performance. Attach the Meridian Monarch UHD to any analog mobile x-ray system and that system becomes digital immediately!

Just choose the configuration that suits your clinical requirements and investment budget. You’ll benefit from low running costs throughout the entire life cycle, thanks to smart room utilization, low downtimes, and reduced training costs. At the same time, you can increase revenues. High throughput thanks to fast exams and high uptime, a positive reputation, and increased marketability is just one key factor. Multi-Flex Freedom also gives you investment security – with many options for upgrading and improving your system.

The Meridian MX 200 has been designed as a world class direct digital imaging system for use in hospital emergency departments and trauma centers. Its extraordinary flexibility makes the system ideal for all patients in standing, sitting, or lying position, including those who are disabled or physically restricted.

The Meridian MX 300 is a fully automated universal arm where movements are controlled based on study type. This includes detector rotation, c-arm rotation, SID and vertical arm movements.

The Meridian RAD Plus is a fully automated dual panel system and is designed for locations that cannot accept an overhead tube crane. It is DR ready and can accept any commercially available DR flat panel, fully-integrated or portable.

The Meridian Intelligent DR 100 is a high level single panel modular system designed to be a one panel “does it all” system. The system offers the same versatility and flexibility with one digital panel as most competitors products with two detectors.

The Meridian DR 200 is an advanced fully automated x-ray system. All the features of the DR 100 with a fixed elevating table and dual detectors, this system is fully automatic and includes auto-positioning, auto collimation, and full integration with PACS and RIS.

The Meridian Latitude 250 is a dual-panel system that covers the entire range of radiographic examinations for fast and easy operation and high patient throughput.

The Meridian LCD 120 is a low-cost system designed to fit customer budgets. The system configured per application and studies performed.