Meridian Intelligent DR 100

Modular Single Radiographic System

Fully Automatic Single Radiographic System with Overhead Tube Crane

The Meridian Intelligent DR 100 is a high level single panel modular system designed to be a one panel “does it all” system. The system is made up of very high quality components that include x-ray generator, elevating table, automatic overhead tube crane, automatic wall stand, digital receptors, x-ray tube, FPD, acquisition workstation, and touchscreen LCD monitor.

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  • The Meridian Intelligent Single Digital Radiology System is a single-detector, complete x-ray system with auto tracking functions.
  • Ideal for applications where free positioning with ceiling tube support and elevating table are necessary.
  • The system offers the same versatility and flexibility with one digital panel as most competitors products with two detectors.
  • The x-ray tube height is set manually or with auto tracking.
  • The high stability, motorized height adjustment, floating table offers maximum freedom and comfort for both patient and operator from both positioning and patient aspects.
  • The carbon filament tabletop has a very low radiation absorption and has a heavy duty performance.
  • The motorized detector holder/ stand ensures the digital image detector support, movement and positioning is correct for different exposure modes.
  • The detector is not fixed to the table so the table can be easily moved out of the way for standing patients.
  • The Meridian Modular System allows your choice of detectors from the leading detector manufacturers, including Varian, Thales, and Toshiba.