Meridian Intelligent DR 200

Modular Dual Radiographic System

Fully Automatic Digital Radiographic Room with Overhead Tube Crane

The Meridian DR 200 is an advanced fully automated x-ray system. The DR200 is created by replacing the DR100 table and replacing it with a fixed elevating table. This system is fully automatic and includes auto-positioning, auto collimation, and full integration with PACS and RIS. This system is only available in a digital configuration. This is Meridian’s top-of-the line radiographic system. Standard System Configuration includes 80kw generator, overhead tube-crane, motor driven wall bucky, elevating table, x-ray tube, acquisition station, LCD touchscreen monitor, FPD, automatic collimator, AEC, and interfaces.

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  • The Meridian Dual Modular offers system components with dual detectors reproducing a room that has the traditional scheme of a multiuse radiology room.
  • Because the room functions in the same manner of a traditional room there is no need to modify existing applications and techniques.
  • The dual modular has one fixed 17×17 inch panel in the table-bucky and a fixed 17×17 inch panel in the wall stand.
  • The large panel size means there is no need to rotate the digital receptor for any exam.
  • As an option, you can choose a wireless panel that can be used at table top or interchanged with remote applications.
  • The Meridian Modular System allows your choice of detectors from the leading detector manufacturers, including Varian, Thales, and Toshiba.

Ceiling Mounted System with Dual DR Detectors

  • 80 kW Generator (3 Phase)
  • Fixed Elevating Table
  • 600 kHU Tube: .6-1.2”
  • Motorized Wall Bucky
  • Auto Positioning & Auto Collimation

UDI 1717 Detectors (Toshiba)

  • CsI; a-Se
  • 143 micron
  • 16 Bit

UDI 1717 Image Panel System

  • 17×17 Toshiba Flat Panel Detector
  • 12:1 Grid – 180 LPI
  • AEC

UDI 17×17 Acquisition Workstation

  • Integrated Generator Console
  • LCD Flat Panel Touch Screen Monitor
  • RIS/PACS Integration
  • DICOM 3.0: Send, Print, Store
  • Remote Monitoring UDR