Meridian Latitude 250

Dual-Panel Radiographic Room with Overhead Tube Crane

The Meridian Latitude 250 is a dual-panel system that covers the entire range of radiographic examinations for fast and easy operation and high patient throughput. The dual configuration includes an upright, float-top table and ceiling tube mount. In combination with lateral rails for the wall stand, the system provides cross table lateral imaging.

As a conventional rad room, the system includes a ceiling-supported tube crane. The system is typically configured with an elevating table and wall bucky. It is designed to accept two fixed flat panel detectors or can be used as an analog room until a digital add-on package is provided. The room is designed for heavy use and typically comes with a 65-85 kw generator, elevating table, overhead tube crane, wall stand, grids, automatic collimator, cables, x-ray tube, and adapters. The digital system comes with an acquisition station, FPD, LCD touchscreen monitor, and interfaces as well.

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