Meridian MX 200

Universal Radiographic System

Motorized Universal Radiographic Arm System (U-Arm)

The Meridian MX200 features a motorized universal arm that drives rotation, SID, and vertical height. It has an upgraded C-arm design that offers greater flexibility. The system consists of x-ray generator, motorized stand, collimator, bucky, grid, cables, x-ray tube and various connectors. Digital systems include panel, acquisition work station, monitor and interface.

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  • The Meridian MX 200 has been designed as a world class direct digital imaging system for use in hospital emergency departments and trauma centers.
  • The C-arm design maintains constant alignment between the X-ray tube and image receptor, regardless of c-arm tilt position or image receptor angle.
  • Its extraordinary flexibility makes the system ideal for all patients in standing, sitting, or lying position, including those who are disabled or physically restricted.
  • The user-friendly console and constant alignment of the x-ray table and digital image receptor guarantee efficient and confident diagnosis.
  • The Meridian MX 200 C-arm design accommodates cross table exams for easy patient positioning. With the patient table, the patient can be moved into any required position without the need for repositioning.
  • The Meridian MX 200 is equipped with a 17 x 17 inch high performance flat panel detector.
  • Two grids are available for two different focal distances.
  • The system’s operator friendly controls, dual speed motorized movements, and the intelligent anti-collision system makes patient positioning quick, easy and safe.
  • The Meridian MX 200 provides a variable SID of 100-180 cm (40-72 inches) to accommodate a wide range of radiographic studies.
  • The image receptor rotates within a range of ± 45 degrees to allow for various techniques.

Motorized Swivel Arm

  • SID Adjustment
  • Arm Elevating Movement
  • Rotation of Arm

Source to Image Distance

  • 100-180 cm (39.4”- 70.9”)
  • Vertical Travel 48 inches
  • Rotation Angle 150 degrees (90 +/- 30 )

Image Panel System

  • Detector Cabinet
  • 17” x 17” Flat Panel Detector
  • Grid Type 180lp/ Ratio 12:1
  • Automatic Exposure Control

Acquisition Workstation

  • Fully integrated into RIS/PACS and generator

Mobile Patient Table

  • Table Composition Laminated
  • Patient Capacity 441 lbs

Main Column

  • Floor to Wall Mount Support
  • Dual Speed Swivel Arm
  • Vertical Movement for easy positioning

X-Ray Generator

  • 40-80 kw Compact Generator


  • Manual Collimator
  • Laser Beam
  • Mounting Brackets


  • 714 lbs

Line Power

  • 208,230,240 Single Phase
  • 480 Three Phase