Meridian RAD Plus

Automatic Radiographic System

Fully Automatic Integrated Tube- Stand with Table and Wall Flat Panel Detectors

The Meridian RAD Plus is a fully automated dual panel system and is designed for locations that cannot accept an overhead tube crane. The tube stand is integrated into the table and provides a full range of dynamic functions. The system is fully automatic and will automatically setup for exams from the RIS.

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  • Automatic procedure programming and precise synchronized motor control of its’ mechanical components.
  • DR ready and can accept any commercially available DR flat panel, fully-integrated or portable.
  • Custom-configurable to your specific clinical requirements, including: chest, spine, complete skeletal, abdominal, urological and tomography (optional) studies.
  • Patient positioning is faster and safer through sophisticated, yet easy-to-use, technology such as auto-tracking.
  • Special 10” Touch Screen console displays direct view of generator parameters, auto-position pre-programs, and system APR’s, allowing table-side procedure selection while positioning the patient.
  • The Meridian RAD Plus elevating table has a vertical motorized movement with double elevating system, accessible from both sides of the table.
  • The Meridian RAD Plus can also be integrated with a Wall bucky stand, and has optional motorized up/down movement and a bucky tilting feature to enable projection studies.
  • The Meridian RAD PLUS is also ready to work with all convenient accessory tools, such as automatic collimation, dose area product devices, and automatic exposure control.
  • The Meridian RAD Plus system is integrated with the entire market range of DR detectors with Dicom Compliance, providing you with a fully motorized, heavy duty digital system. Perfect to save time and reduce costs for both hospitals and patients.

Floor mounted tube stand

  • Total Column Height: 2,235 cm
  • Motorized Longitudinal Rails Travel: 201 cm
  • Motorized Tube Arm Vertical Travel: 162 cm
  • Tube Arm Transversal Travel: 30 cm
  • Focal distance to floor: 40-202 cm
  • Automatic stops at SID: 180 cm, 150 cm, 100 cm
  • Electromagnetic brakes
  • Tube Arm Rotation Vertical Axis: ± 90°
  • Tube Arm Rotation Horizontal Axis: ± 180°
  • X-Ray tube rotation: ± 150°
  • Mechanical Detent: every 90°

Synchronizations and auto positioning

  • Tube Arm Synchronization with vertical Movement of the radiographic table
  • Tube Arm Synchronization with vertical Movement of the Wall bucky stand
  • Tube Arm Synchronization with longitudinal Movement of the Bucky/detector cabinet of the radiographic table
  • Auto positioning available from the APR of the control console.
  • Auto positioning available from the Tube head control console, with preprogram

Tube Head Control Console:

  • Touch Key Bottoms
  • Two Auto position Buttons
  • Two Telescopic brake release Buttons
  • Two tube rotation brake release Buttons
  • Three column brake release Buttons
  • Two column motorized movement vertical & longitudinal Buttons
  • Touch Screen 10″ display console
  • SID, tube angle, table height, wall stand height. Column longitudinal position
  • 10 preprogram positions, enable to create more view or editable (SID, tube angle, table height, wall stand height, Column longitudinal position)
  • SID, tube angle, tomography angle, Fulcrum height, 2 speeds
  • Possibility of visualization and modification of the generator parameters.
  • APR selection of the anatomical program of the generator including system position and collimation (Only in convention system)

Elevating radiographic table

  • Table top Al. equivalence: < 1mm
  • Table top Weight capacity: 350 kg
    • Table top travels:
    • Longitudinal travel: 110 cm (+50 cm, -60 cm)
    • Transversal travel: 24 cm (+12 cm)
    • Motorized Vertical travel: 40 cm
    • Minimum distance floor/board: 50 cm
    • Maximum distance floor/board: 90 cm
  • Motorized Longitudinal bucky travel: 51 cm
  • Radiographic coverage: 161 cm
  • 17 ” x 17″ Digital flat panel detectors
  • Grid cabinet
  • Ion Chamber cabinet

Wall bucky stand millennium

  • Bucky stand: non tilting
  • Vertical travel: 150 cm
  • Minimum high from floor: 40 cm
  • Maximum high from floor: 190 cm
  • Total counterbalance for easy movement
  • Minimum distance center film to floor: 40 cm
  • Prepare for Bucky & Digital flat panel detectors
  • Grid cabinet
  • Ion Chamber cabinet
  • Electromagnetic brakes for the vertical travel positioning


  • Motorized vertical travel
  • Tilting wall bucky stand: +90°/-20°
  • Angulations of the Bucky