Meridian Universal Digital Interface (UDI)
Support services: Smartguard®

Meridian offers full Remote Monitoring of Installed Meridian products. Through the link that is established between the Installed Meridian product and the Meridian remote Monitoring center, not only can Software updates and upgrades be downloaded and installed remotely, but also a full set of criteria are constantly monitored. If a criteria value goes out of range, Meridian is automatically notified and action is taken to prevent the system from failing.

Partnering with clients to keep equipment running at peak performance without requiring increased on-site staffing.

  • Full Remote Monitoring of Meridian Products

  • Decreased Local Workload and Time Commitment

  • Remote Software Updates and Upgrades

  • Wide Array of Performance and System Health Variables

  • Preventing Failures with Early Detection

The goal is to catch a potential problem before it even happens, maximizing your Meridian products’ uptime.